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Bolo Point All Shook Up

March 1, 2010

After a weekend of potential natural disasters, I thought a nice post about another thing we’re going to miss about this island.  What?  You hadn’t heard about the 7.0 earthquake whose epicenter was 50 miles from Okinawa out in the Pacific Ocean?!  And you didn’t hear about the impending tsunami that was headed our way either?!  Well, now you have heard and Okinawa is great.  Thank God for the smart minded Japanese and their engineering!

As far as I know, no damage has been reported from the earthquake.  If anything, it shook our furniture and shifted it a little.  It woke up the whole island I’m sure.  I know I slapped Paul on the chest and asked him if he felt the house shaking.  He said, “Yep.”  And then I think it rocked him back to sleep.  I know I was freaked out a little.  Want to see what woke me up?  My dresser jiggling across the floor:

Crazy huh?

When we finally rose from the dark of our bedroom, we set out to explore because it was nice out and we didn’t feel like being stuck inside the house.  We only have 3 more full weekends left here so we’d better get out there!

We went to Bolo Point otherwise known as Cape Zampa.  Paul had a picture in his head that he wanted to take.  It was breathtaking as always.  Just a little overcast and really humid.  Ewww.  

There’s a new walking/running path out there now so we walked it to see where it led.  I think it would’ve took us right back into town had we followed it all the way though.  But I had walked enough.  My dogs were tired and I was sweaty and tired.  

This little man could’ve walked the whole path.  He had so much dang energy.  So I let him run amuck.  I was thinking ahead…sleep longer!  Did that happen?  I think the Turd was up by 9 am!  Dangit!  Why does he always foil my plans?!Sometimes I feel like he won’t sleep in for fear of missing something.  What that something is, I don’t know.  He sneaks into our bedroom all the time now.  If not in our bedroom to sleep with Momma, it’s in the living room on the couch all snuggled up with his buddies and his favorite blanket.  Blowing bubbles on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Well, running bubbles is more like it.  And what a more perfect picture to end this post.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Oh!  BTW, the tsunami did grace us with it’s presence but we live on the opposite side of the Pacific so we didn’t get to see it.  From what I heard, it didn’t get very big.  Thank God!

Until next time.

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  1. March 9, 2010 13:29

    Loving the bubbles!

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