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Yomitan Pottery Village

February 23, 2010

On Saturday, we needed to get out of the house and do some exploring.  The sun was finally shining and the temperature was bearable.  It was just an overall perfect day to go out and about.  I knew there was a pottery place nearby but I just never knew exactly where it was.  We got some directions and we were off to see what it was all about!

We arrived at the village and much to our surprise there were these men frantically running around with super hot sticks.  We stopped to see what was a’happening:

Then they did this:

It looks so dangerous!  But so dangerous it’s sexy!  Don’t judge.

After watching all of that we just had to go and check out all the handblown glass they had for sale:

Amazing, right?  Well, nothing in there was in my budget.  So we left the glass area with nothing.  It’s ok.  My goal before I leave is to have some Okinawa glass packed and ready to shine brightly in our new home!

So we move on to the pottery:

These little green guys were my favorite. Probably because they were obnoxiously lime green and had lime green marbles for eyes!

Here's Paul's favorites. So conservative.

Check out these cute little charms!  I’m not sure whether they were bracelets or like a cell phone charm or whatever but they were charming:

This was my favorite.

I would use this for my toothbrush cup or even a pen cup:

Turd thought these little guys were so cool because they had geetars!  His dream is to one day be in a rock band and play geetar and go, “Ja ja jar!  Ja ja jar! Ja ja jar!”  Seriously, that’s what he does when he imitates a guitar!

This little dude was made of all shells!

Then we saw this little guy and Turd just had to do this:

It’s times like this we realize the reason why we keep him.  He entertains us.  If not for him, we’d be a boring old couple who have no fun.

Onto more pottery fun!

Some saki and sanshin...this is the Okinawa way.

Some more dudes made of shells!

Now this was probably THE neatest thing there.  Paul was studying these here balls and realized after taking out the flowers that were stuck inside there, that the hole just so happened to be in the shape of our Okinawa!  How cool is that?!

Probably my favorite picture!

Would have been much better had my chubby hand not been in there.

Turd walking along…Tee hee.  This is nothing.  You should see him run!

Daddy imitating Turd. Pure entertainment, I say!

A traffic mirror. They're all over this island! If not for these, there would be many, many accidents for this girl! Wonder what we'll do without them? I guess the U.S. probably won't have crowded streets like they do here.

It was a fun day for us.  We spent the whole day in the Yomitan area and then we headed up to Onna for dinner.  I heard about this place called Jams from a hair client and then I saw it featured on the OkinawaHai blog so I thought it was a great opportunity for us to head over there.  It was probably the best Teppanyaki that I’ve ever had!  And I love me some Teppanyaki!  I highly recommend!

Thanks for sticking it though my picture heavy post!  We’re hoping to do a bunch more exploring before we leave!  Which, btw (by the way for you non-texters!) we have ORDERS!  Our itinerary says we fly out of Oki on March 27th!  Sad but so exciting!  We will be stopping off in Hawaii, OMG!!!  Paul promised me Hawaii for our belated honeymoon damn near 10 years ago!  We are finally getting to do that with our Turd in tow.  I’m happy about that.  It’ll make for great memories for him.  Well, great pictures and memories from those pictures.  You know what I mean?

We will be Hawaii for about a week and then we will fly into Orlando where dear friends Jeff and Jody will be greeting us to the Motherland.  Well so to speak, anyway.  A few days with them and then on to Tampa.  Actually, MacDill AFB lodging.  We expect to be in TLF for a good couple of months.  Not what we’d like but it’ll be worth the wait.  We’re working on some paperwork for a brand new house.  Right now, there is only a cement slab just waiting for the house to be built.  The house is scheduled to be done by the end of June.

Speaking of June…our plan for our visit home is scheduled for June 9-23.  Paul has a 20 year class reunion that first weekend we’re home so we still plan on that.  So friends, get your calendars out and write it down!  You wanna see us?  You know where we’ll be!  Family, you’ll probably get a more detailed agenda on our trip home closer to June.

Until next time people!  Borud out.

Uh, that sounds so gay.  Totally doesn’t sound like Seacrest out.  Let’s try, Okistephie out!  Hmmm?  Nope don’t like that either.  Maybe I should just rewrite the ending.

Wait!  I like Borud out.  I think I’ll stick with that.

Borud out.


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