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February 4, 2010

To me, means random photography.

I took a picture of our dinner last night.  Well actually, I took the picture yesterday afternoon while it was cooking.  Curry chicken.  Yumm-O!

Now this next series happened this morning when I went into Turd’s room to waky, waky, eggs and baky him.  I normally expect him to be lying there sweetly with his eyes closed and dried boogers adorning his top lip.  But this morning I got a surprise:Notice anything strange?  No?  How about this angle?What the H. E. double hockey sticks is that?  Did he develop a tumor on his belly overnight?Nope, he just stuffed Stompy, Puppy, Pig and his football bear down his pajamas.

This is what my son does when I leave the door just a little crunchy.  There’s just enough light in his room so he can play.  No more crunchy, I guess.

*Crunchy means, “Momma, please leave the door open just a little bit.”  We’re not certain where this term came from.  We’re hoping it’s some sort of Japanese term.  But my guess is that if I were to ask a Japanese friend about it, they will look at me like I’m crazy.

ETA:  Paul said that around 9:30 pm last night he heard Turd yelling for Momma.  I was apparently passed out in the bed already and didn’t hear him.  Paul ran into his bedroom to find out what was wrong with the boy.  To his surprise, he saw the same thing except he also had a race car, his handy dandy notebook and a crayon.  He would have been fine if the race car wouldn’t have been stuck behind his knee.  The conversation that followed was:  Daddy, “HOW MUCH MORE CONTRABAND DO YOU HAVE ON YOU?!”  Turd, “Contraband, Daddy?”


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