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A Little Preview…

January 24, 2010

Next weekend the three of us are taking a little bus trip up to Nago for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Well this weekend we had originally made plans with a friend to go to Pizza in the Sky for some Freakin’ Awesome Pizza but my friend couldn’t come with us so Paul and I decided we still better go for fear of not getting our pizza before the end of March!  Wow!  Was that just a giant run-on sentence?  Who the heck cares?  My old high school English teachers are probably not reading this right now but if they are just walk away, man.  Walk away.  I don’t write properly.  I write the way I would be speaking to you at this very moment.  Walk away, man.  Walk away.

Oh yes, so we decide to check out the area where the Festival is going to be held to see if we can get a sneak peek of the trees and we were so disappointed to see that there were hardly any buds on the trees.  I fear it’s because of the weird cold fronts Okinawa has been getting.  So I’m praying to the Cherry Blossom Gods to let those babies pop out for the Festival.  Otherwise there will be some pretty bummed out Festival goers!

The trees that we did see looked sorta like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  I can’t imagine what they would look like if they were fully bloomed!  But here’s a little example:

It’s kinda sad, isn’t it?  I’m hoping for a nice, warm week full of sunshine so that those little buds will pop open for some glorious pictures next weekend.  There’s still hope!

Here we are waiting to be seated at Pizza in the Sky.  It’s on top of a hill overlooking Sesoko Island and if you look off to the right, you can just about see Expo Park.  

There were some beautiful flowers to admire while we waited:


After lunch, Paul suggested we hit one of the castle ruins we haven’t actually seen.  Our plan was to take the rest of the afternoon to check it out but when we arrived there seemed to be a lot of hustle and bustle.  Buses everywhere and cars parked everywhere.   What the heck was going on?  A Cherry Blossom Festival at Nakajin Castle!  The blossoms were better here.  Yet there was still quite a few trees that had barely any blossoms.  Here are some great close-ups of the Cherry Blossoms:

These light pink ones were my favorite because you just don't see as many of these around.

Can you see what's amidst all those blossoms?

Let’s take a closer look:

How about now?

Can’t see it yet?  Try now:

There it is! A sweet yellow tweeter among all the pink! Nothing seems so sweet!

Oh, wait…

What about this sweetie eating a sweet Okinawa Donut?

Or how about this:

This one makes my heart melt a little.

Oh, I must not forget to show you this:Oh the beauty!  I couldn’t stop myself from snapping tons of pictures of these spectacular globes!I am obsessed with these!  And Look!  There’s different colors besides pink!

Do you think it would be weird of me to want these all over my yard?  My house?  Indoors and out?  In my car?  Don’t answer that!

How about one more taste of sanity?  Who would claim these two?

I guess I will.  Who would put up with them besides me?!

But I guess my man will just have to put up with me then.  Is that fair?

Hey, there’s more of this day to come!  Paul had a camera on this day as well.  Wait until  you see his take on the blossoms!  Until next time crazy folks!

  1. Rosie Berg permalink
    January 25, 2010 18:23

    Great pics Steph! I would love to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom – so beautiful!

  2. Sherry G permalink
    January 25, 2010 02:59

    Good to see you in the photos with your cute little guy. The cherry blossom photos are cool too.

    I have not seen you post lately at Clickin Moms (but I have not posted much either). Our weather here has not been good for photography. Maybe we will have some blooms next month.

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