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OMG! I Forgot About This!

January 15, 2010

Back in early December, we went to this place called Dreaming Angel.  It’s a Christmas Restaurant!  What?  A Christmas Restaurant?  Well, you know there are those few that really take the Christmas holiday to a whole new level.  Sorta like my Mom and Dad.  You can see their house lit up from miles away during Christmas because they like to go all out on the holiday lights around the outside and inside of the house.  But this couple outdoes my parents no doubt!  It’s like Christmas threw up all over their property!  But they only have everything on display for 6 weeks out of the year.

This is her shed and it is full of Christmas decor!

We had a chance to talk to the husband and he said that this shed was full of decorations from floor to ceiling!  They start pulling out the decorations and putting them up approximately a month or so before they open.  I believe they open right after Thanksgiving.  

Although I said that Christmas had barfed all over this woman’s house, it was very charming.  My mom would have loved it!

Even her beautiful chandeliers got the Christmas makeover.

This is the front entrance to their house. You see, immediately when you walk into their home you feel the Christmas spirit.

Nothing like Mickey and the gang singing Christmas carols!

Did I mention that this place serves food?  All homemade by the owner and a little help.  It looked like it was all family back there in the kitchen.  Such gracious hosts.  The food was delicious!

My dinner set included this yummy salad. If you know me, I love a great salad.

Garlic toast to sop up the delicious pasta...

And my Piece de Resistance! Creamy Bacon Pasta sumthin or ruther!

Some great Soba for Paul.

And some fried rice to finish off Paul's dinner.

De-lish!  The Turd got to have the best of both worlds that night.  He shared with the both of us.  Are you kidding?  Noodles and my kid go together like peas in a pod!

Sorry I forgot about the Dreaming Angel.  If you want to read more about this place, here is an article about it.  Unfortunately, this was the last year they said they were going to decorate and run the restaurant.  The husband said, that 30 + years of doing it was enough.  I agree but I sure am happy that we got to see it before we left the island and before they decided to retire from the public Christmas cheer.


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