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Visiting With Friends

January 14, 2010

Over the 2 week Christmas Vacation, our plan was to visit with friends and maybe go see things on the island that might be our last chance to see.  Well, going to see things got squashed by all the rain we had.  As a matter of fact, on this day that we visited the S Family, it was raining and dark and gloomy.  Not really a good day to visit Neo Park like we had planned.  So instead, I took pictures of their adorable kittens and adorable kids!  But I’m just going to show you pics of my kid and their daughter.  They’re just too cute not to share!

Miss M wouldn’t look at me but this scrunchy-faced kid did.

I kinda like extreme close-ups of my kid.  His cheeks seem to get bigger.  Can they BE any bigger?
After Miss M’s Daddy let Turd check out the binoculars, he’s been asking about the really big glasses.

And Turd and Miss M make a really sweet couple.  I really like this series:

As long as that’s as far as things go, I’m ok with the Turd having this relationship.


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