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Itoman Light Festival (Peace Prayer Memorial Park)

December 28, 2009

One of the things that makes Christmas in Okinawa is the numerous light shows for the grand holiday.  If not for the light shows, we wouldn’t feel Christmasy!  Our first stop was down south past Naha.  If you look at a map of Okinawa, there’s a little peninsula on the bottom right-hand corner and there lies the city called Itoman.  Itoman is also where you’ll find Thai in the Sky aka Cafe Curcuma aka Freakin’ Yummy Thai Food!  Unfortunately, on this night we didn’t plan for Thai in the Sky.  We played it smooth and made a quick stop at McDonald’s before hopping on the Expressway.  Prior to this visit and my visit to Mickey D’s the day before, I think it was like a year since I had eaten at the Golden Arches.  Don’t judge!  It’s Christmas Vacation and I’m allowed!  But lemme tell ya, the hips don’t lie!  I digress.

Skater Boy(aka Turdy, Turd Boy, Boog (I haven’t used Skater Boy in such a long time!), has had quite a fascination with the Christmas lights this year so to indulge him we thought it would be fun to check out each glorious display.  He has his favorite houses he likes to pass by on base.  That’s really cute to hear him screaming joyfully telling us that he sees Frosting the Snowman or Santa or Reindeer!  Yes, that’s Frosting the Snowman.  Can’t correct him and really don’t bother with it because it’s funny.  

My favorite part of the night was when we walked beyond the lights and found the flowers!

Who doesn’t love a lily?  There was a whole building full of them and the smell!  Oh my, it smelled like a really great perfume that I once had.  It was simply delicious!

I honestly can’t tell you what the name of these flowers are.  I am not a horticulturist.  But I do love flowers.  I am a girl.  Who loves flowers.  I never get them.

It would be great if someone could tell me what these are.  After all, we paid 100 Yen to get into this building.  Shoulda bought some of them.  

I officially love taking pictures of flowers.  They stand still.

Hibiscus, oh how I can’t wait to see a butt-ton of you in Hawaii!

I can’t forget to mention that this crazy guy decided it would be fun to do this:If you look really close, the table that he is standing on is not one but two!  Yes, two!  Freakin’ crazy!

And look at these cute things.  They look like paper mache’.

And what night wouldn’t be complete without a picture of these boys of mine?I HEART these boys.  I wish I could keep the short one short.  The tall one, I got him that way.  I suppose he can stay that way 🙂

Next up, The Okinawa Zoo Light Festival.  Until next time peeps!


Speaking of peeps…not sure if it’s relevant but some of you may have heard that our assignment to Eglin, AFB in Florida has been cancelled.  But not to fret pets!  Well, we definitely did some fretting and pouting.  Along with our cancelled assignment email we got 5 places to choose from instead.  Our list went on as follows:  MacDill AFB(Tampa, FL), Schriever (Colorado Springs, CO), Ft. Meade (Maryland), Cannon AFB (New Mexico), and the dreaded Robins AFB (Georgia (Yuck!).  We put MacDill as #1 on our list and the rest as you just read.  This beautiful Sunday morning, Paul awoke early and headed into work to take care of some emails and reports and blah, blah, blah.  He came home just as Turd and I were emerging from our slumber and Paul says that he has something to show me.  I’m totally thinking what kind of remote control car he wants this time and wondering if it will take 3 damn months to get here again.  Oop, I digress again.  And he shows me an email and says, “Honey, I’ve hilighted the area I need you to read.”  I read…..I read again…..I scream…..I jump for joy in my pajamas…….and Turd says I wanna play too!  We’re going to Tampa, Florida people!  Start planning your vacations!  Now, what’s the chances this assignment will get taken away from us again?  Paul seems pretty confident that since the email came directly from the “detailer”, that we’re good to go.  But me, I’m a little skeptical but super happy we’re still going to Florida and even closer to some dear friends!  And let me not forget, Disney is like a couple hour’s drive!  Hell yeah!  Ooop, Heck yeah!

Alright, it’s late.  Darn near midnight.  I told Paul I was going to bed an hour ago.  But blogging is an addiction, an obsession, my chocolate…NO!  My chocolate is my chocolate.  Who the hell am I kidding?  Ooop, Heck!  Heck!  Heck!

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  1. December 28, 2009 08:51

    SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU that you’re still going to FL!!!! YAAAAAAY great holiday gift, right? These are great, I had no idea they did lights down there. Thanks for sharing that.

    Bougainvillea (bo-gan-VILL-e-ah OR bo-gan-VEE-ya if you want to say it the Spanish way) are what those flowers are; they’re rampant in San Diego too and they’re so beautiful! And I too love the smell of lilies!

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