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I’m A Taiko Drummer Part II

December 12, 2009

We had a long day today.  We woke up fairly early for a Saturday.  I heard little footsteps outside our bedroom door and they kept running back and forth.  Turns out that the Turd was up and was just transferring his cars from his bedroom to the living room.  I finally got my lazy butt outta bed and came out to see what was up.  Come to find out, he had been outside to greet the morning.  He told me that he was out there looking for Mr. Michael.  Mr. Michael was his babysitter last night.  I guess I should tell him that babysitters don’t usually stay the night to say goodbye to you in the morning!

We also got to talk to Uncle Matty on the phone to wish him a Happy Birthday.  We won’t say how many, but it rhymes with schmirty-stix.  After our phone call, I got to go along to Daddy and Turd’s Saturday morning donut and coffee run.  We stopped by the BX and the post office and then back home for showers!  It was already hot out and it was only 1030 in the morning!  A little lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant Krishna’s and then to the Toy Store to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.

Long day already but there’s more!  After a quick Taco dinner at home, we decide that we should go take pictures of American Village because there’s tons of Christmas lights up and it’ll be fun to lolly-gag around.  As we arrive in the American Village, we see a performance of Taiko Drummers and who’s little face lights up with excitement?

We got to sit and watch the first 20 minutes or so of the first performance and then had to get to the store before it closed.  We walked around a bit more taking pictures of lights and such.  Some crazy guy started messing with my camera to find it’s flash so he could take our picture for us. I tried telling him that I don’t ever bother with my flash and that I didn’t know how to get it up!  

Then we started to hear the Taiko drummers again.  So off we run to catch the next performance.

After the 2nd show, I asked the Turd if he’d like to get his picture taken with the drummers and he said he’d rather go home.  So I told him that this would probably be his very last chance to EVER get a picture taken with this very group.  And one of the girls waved him in and off he went to stand with the drummers!  Aside from the extreme flash because I didn’t want to screw up the picture, this could be the coolest picture ever!

This kid went non-stop since 830 this morning!  I have to admit, I had to sneak a nap in the car while Paul went to get us coffee to give us adults a jolt of energy for the rest of the day.  Turd stayed in the car with me.  I kept dreaming that Turdy was talking to me saying things like, “Momma?!  Wake up!  Where’s Daddy?  Can I have a coffee too?!  Ooo!  Can I have Kid’s Apple Be Juicy with the red one?!  Momma?!  Are you sleeping?  Momma?!”  I’d wake up occasionally, and there would be a stinky foot on my reclined seat and Turdy saying, “Mommy!  Smell my stinky toes!”  Grrrrrrr!  Long day I said.

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  1. December 13, 2009 06:05

    That’s so awesome! I totally miss Krishna’s! I am so glad he loves Taiko! That is the best thing ever!

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