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Last Night of First Steps

December 10, 2009

First Steps Football only lasted for 6 weeks.  Out of those 6 weeks we only had 4 practices.  Well, Turd only made it to 4.  For some reason, it would rain every Tuesday night at 5 pm and it so happened to be our practice time.  But oh well, it was still fun and we still made some new friends.Coach’s son B.  He wanted to give everyone Hi 5’s once we arrived.

Mr. O.  He cracked me up!  He and Turd we the shortest kids in the bunch and it seemed like they were always paired together.  I think they made for nice buds.

The team was supposed to get their team pictures done a few weeks back but it was because of all that rain at 5 pm on Tuesdays that the photographer got pushed back to the last night of football.  As soon as she showed up, I flipped my camera behind my back and let her do her work.  I didn’t want to be rude and hijack her session.  But I couldn’t help myself with this one.  I only snapped one of these and Thank God it turned out!  I was so happy that I did that!Just look at their adorable little faces!  The team, by the way, was named the Little Giants.  (Giggle, giggle!)

Just look at what my little football player learned during the 4 practices he got to attend.Throwing



and Catching

Sorta catching 🙂

Since it was the last practice, Coach got the whole team Football Cupcakes!  It was a nice treat for the boys.  My kid, just licked off the icing and said that it was great and wanted to throw the rest of the cupcake away.  So Paul and I ate the cake part and it was yummy!

The other kids seemed to enjoy their cupcakes too.  

I have to say, that I think Turd loved his football practices.  I sure wish that we could be here next year and I’d sign him up again.  I hope that there’s something like this in Florida!  Maybe there’ll be something for soccer and baseball too!  Oh what fun!  Welcome to the rest of my life!


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