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Lunch With Turd

November 18, 2009
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Yesterday, parents were invited to have lunch with the wee ones at school.  I was sooooo looking forward to this because last week they had a little celebration for ShichiGoSan and I totally missed it!  But I talked to another Mom of one of Turd’s classmates and she said she had no clue about it!  So, I was not the only one!  But this lunch totally made up for it!

Every Tuesday and Thursday I pack his Bento lunch and away he goes to school and I don’t even know if he eats everything that I put in it.  Or if he does the trade that we all used to do when we were young.  I would always wonder if the other kids would make fun of him for what was in his Bento.  But alas, I got to experience it for myself yesterday.  As it turns out, each child waits patiently until Sensei is ready to sit down at her little organ to play while the kids sing some little prayer-thingy.  (How freakin’ adorable, by the way!)  Then after the song, Sensei comes over to sit with the children and then they say a prayer kinda like mine growing up.  Mine went like this:  In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Bless us Oh Lord, for these thy gifts which we are about to receive from the bounty to Christ our Lord, Amen!  Well, theirs probably was similar but in Japanese!  And OH MY GOD!  I about cried I was so dang proud of my little Angel!  Oh!  And when they sang that little song before the prayer?!  Yup, tears wellin’ up in the eyes!  It was so funny, there was one little girl that was the loudest singer in the group but she was by far the worst singer.  I’m thinking that her tone will come to her when she’s a little bit older!

It was this lunch that I realized how much I really give my boy to eat!  I think I may give him a bit too much!  I was looking at all the other kids’ Bentos and they all had a teeny serving of Broccoli or some other vegetable, a couple of tiny little rice balls and then a teensy dessert.  I give my son 3/4 of a ham & cheese sammy, some Goldfish, some 100 Calorie pak cookies and as an extra treat yesterday I gave him some cracker/cookie thing that he loves.  I hate them because they taste like fish.  They’re weird.  So, note to self:  Pack Turd a lighter lunch!

Here he may just be getting full.

I learned that my Turd has a girlfriend.  And this is her:

OH-A DEAR-A GOD-A!  He’s only 3!  What’s a Momma to do?!

I was a bit relieved when I saw this though:

I think that she’s pretty close with a few of the boys in the classroom.

Just when I thought our lunch date was all done, we were ushered to the Hall for Friendship Day.  Now Friendship Day is something that I normally skip because my Turd thinks that I should take him home right after it.  But I usually can’t because I have to work.  But I have rearranged my schedule a little bit to incorporate his Tuesday night Football practice so we were prepared to take him home after our visit.  Oh, but like I said I usually skip this day every month because I don’t wanna break Turdy’s heart by making him go back to his classroom with his friends.

So yesterday we got to dance and sing and play with a parachute!When both Paul and I were young, this was our favorite activity!  We loved the parachute and so does this little man!

And while Paul had the camera, he caught this little ditty:

What a fun day!  I wish I could do that at least once a month!  But since he started his new school, that was the very first time the parents have been invited to lunch.  I’ll take whatever I can get, man!  It let me see my baby in a whole new light.  Yeah, in his very own element.  Oh and one more thing?!  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday he eats whatever the school prepares for the kids and it’s definitely Japanese cuisine.  I was told by one of the Japanese mothers who speaks awesome English that Turd tries everything!  Good to know!  Good to know!  I’m going to try sneaking some Japanese things into his Bento now!

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  1. November 23, 2009 10:26

    this island is so tiny. that’s sweet Addie and little man George, right? HA! All the kids and mommies know each other. Adorable!

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