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I’m A Taiko Drummer

November 14, 2009

DSC_0176Oh Gosh!  Turd has been talking about being a Taiko Drummer since he started his “new school” off base!  He loves everything there is about Taiko drumming.  After months of him saying, “I’m a Taiko drummer!”  We finally gave into him and bought him his very own little Taiko drum.  The one above, is obviously not it but you should have seen the amazement in his eyes!  He was more than thrilled to touch this one!DSC_0178


We started out our Saturday at the Annual Foster Field House Bazaar.  It’s just a fun little vendor event where people from all over the island come to spend insane amounts of money on all things Okinawa.  I’m going back tomorrow to spend my monies 🙂


Edamame! Freakin' yummy!


No trip is complete without some Yakitori!


And some Apple Tea.

Here, we find an old friend from Shima Noko daycare.


Hey H! Long time, no see!

And here’s one of Turd’s girlfriends.  She’s as sweet as pie.


Little M. Her and the Turd play so well together. You can hardly hear them playing sometimes!

I hope to go back to the bazaar tomorrow and buy this:


Yes, it's a glass ball. Don't judge!

Then we realized that it was 1:20 pm and the Taiko performance was to start at 1:40!  So we hauled our smelly butts from one base to another and made it just in time to see the beginning!DSC_0044



I particularly love the pint sized drummers!


The adult-sized one's ain't so bad either 🙂

This group in particular is named Nix Hayama.  They’re awesome.


Oh dear God, I hope I spelled that right.

Miss Akemi freakin’ rocks.  And I just happen to be sitting right in front of her.DSC_0070


Poetry in motion, really.DSC_0073



Look at this one!  She’s holding a baby drum!DSC_0083


This one is handsome.


This one is gonna bite his bottom lip off!




Couldn’t even get this one’s attention long enough to snap a pic of him actually looking at me.DSC_0198

Sweet boy.…with chicken sauce still around his lips!  LOL!



Oh how I love too look at this. I could do it all day long.

DSC_0215Chicken still stuck in his teeth.  Oh dear.





Thanks for coming along on our Saturday afternoon outing!  Hope you enjoyed yourselves.  You would think that my kid would be pretty tired after all of that.  But it is now 10:10 pm and he’s still up playing with cars.  We’re hoping that the longer we keep him up, the longer he’ll sleep in tomorrow.  We thought that would work last night.  He stayed up til about 10 last night but he woke up at freakin’ 8 am!  What the heck?!  Somebody ‘splain that one to me!  Whatever.

  1. November 23, 2009 10:25

    you know that “handsome one” is Brandon – Akemi & Ron’s SON! He’s a sweetie. We love Nix Dojo!

  2. November 15, 2009 01:01

    Awesome pics Steph. It is Hamaya ad it loosely means to do your best in Hogan which is the original Okinawan dialect. It is really a feeling of doing your best and feeling good about it. But you know how it is, hard to translate some words. But I tell you what those pics of Masaru with PJ are so great! Can I get a few copies of some of those? Ms Akemi looks amazing and of course Mike and Jerod! I miss them all so much!

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