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All Dolled Up

November 13, 2009

Today was Turd-Boy’s school’s celebration called Shichi-Go-San.  Bascially, it’s meant to celebrate children at ages seven, five and three.  You can find a nice description of the Shichi-Go-San Festival on the OkinawaHai website.

Today, in honor of Shichi-Go-San I dressed Turd in his finest.  Well, I had to buy him an outfit to be appropriate enough because he dresses up just as much as Paul and I.  NEVER!  Look at this mini-man!


Clearly, he is tired of the camera.

How freakin’ cute is that child?  I couldn’t resist this outfit!  The day I bought it, I brought him home from school and I made him try it on.  Kicking and screaming that is.  He came home in one of his moods.  And by moods, I mean he was fricken crabby as all get out!  So to make matters worse, I put the whole thing on him including the shoes.


Some casual kicks because I refused to buy patent leather shoes.

How adorable is this little tie?Shichigosan_12


Some serious thought for my totally un-serious 3 year old boy.Shichigosan_16





First shot out of the camera. Now why couldn't the next 15 minutes go as well as this one?


Hmmm, maybe a Kool Aid commercial. Look at my cheese head.


The cover of GQ er, I mean Teen Bop er, I mean Parent's Magazine?!










And here’s my favorite pic of the day!Shichigosan_18Here I had just told him that I love him and Thanks for being such a good model this morning.  And he said, “I love you too, Momma!”


What a sweet little boy.  This morning anyway.  This evening he was fortunately, still sweet.  But it had a weird and goofy twist to it.  I will never be able to explain, you will just have to experience it all for yourself!





  1. November 14, 2009 07:10

    He could NOT be more adorable!!!! LOVE the outfit his slicked down hair!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Browns permalink
    November 14, 2009 00:22

    I could see in his sweet face that he loved all that attention and he knew he was looking good. He worked the camera!

  3. November 13, 2009 22:16

    Oh my! How adorable is he?!? I miss that boy! He looks so cute!

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