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First Steps Football

November 4, 2009

Yesterday, Turd-Boy had his very first lesson in football.  DSC_0103

As we are walking to the field where practice is set to take place, he turns around to ask me where all the balls are.DSC_0104

I told him that the Coach will bring something for him to play with.

We arrived a few minutes early so we could be sure we were at the correct field.  So we practiced running.  You see, I bought him some football/soccer shoes.  I’m not really for sure if they are one or the other.  How does a person tell the difference?  In any case, I told him that these shoes would make him run faster.  DSC_0110

Oh boy was he into that!  All he wanted to do was run!

So we ran around and chased each other and played:DSC_0113


Whoops!  Not sure what happened here.Whoops!  Not sure what happened here!

Then Coach arrived and introduced himself and handed out the uniforms!  Well, jerseys.  Oh, it’s just a plain ‘ol jersey.  Nothing overly exciting but when everyone put them on, they seemed to be really cute!DSC_0137




Once the shirts were on, it was time for warm-up.  They did a few stretches and then they did this:DSC_0155


DSC_0157They got to run a lap!  Did you happen to see my kid?  He’s the one with the massive cheeks hanging from his face!  It may just be me, but my kid is extra yummy in the mix of it all.

Then he stopped to do this:DSC_0159I can’t be for certain that he is actually praying.  Most likely, his little hands got cold and he was just trying to warm them up.  But what a capture!

After a few more throws of the football and a couple of tantrums later, it was pretty much time to go.DSC_0293


Here ends our first football practice for this little man.

And just to throw a little randomness into your day, here’s a pic of Turd-boy in some footies from Auntie Stacy!DSC_0296


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