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Proof is in my Puddin’

October 5, 2009

I’ll admit it, I have been waiting for the day that Turdy would come and tell me something in Japanese.  Well here’s how it all went down:

I picked Turdy up from school early on Friday because I had some clients to take care of in the late afternoon and I wouldn’t have been able to get out to pick him up before school closed so this was my only option.  No biggie.  Paul usually does the picking up but he was on a TDY to Okuma.  Yes, a freakin’ TDY.  He even made half of the normal per diem.  But whatever, I’m not bitter about that.

After I finished with my hair day, I asked Turdy what he would like for dinner.  He said he wanted Hangabers.  So I decided as a treat, I would take him to McDonald’s.  We finally get there and we order our Hangabers and we are enjoying his little Happy Meal toy.  Honestly, we were trying to figure out what it said.  You slap it on the table and the little girl mutters something in Japanese.  It was funny.  Before we left, we asked the girl behind the counter and she said it was saying something like, “Ohhhh, Homework!”  But it looked like she was guessing.  Poor girl.  Betcha she never thought a stupid American would ask her what the stupid toys are saying.  I digress.

As I’m stuffing my cheeseburger in my face and taking a sip of my Coke Zero, I see Turdy in the corner of my eye with his tiny hands together like he’s praying and he’s mumbling something.  So I asked him if he would do it again so I could hear him.  He says, “Ok Momma.  Blubba, blubbbbba, bluhhhhba,  Amen, bluuuuuhbuuuba, Ohayo Gozaimashta!”  It was the freakin’ cutest thing I ever saw!  So, I continue to ask him to keep saying his little prayer so I could understand what the words were.  But I have finally charged the battery for the camera and here he is saying his lunchtime prayer.  Prepare yourselves for some cuteness!  I secretly wish that I could be a child in his Kindergarten class.  I could probably learn a lot there!

Hope this brightens your day!  It brightens my day a little bit more every time I see it!


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