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1st Day of School (daycare)

September 1, 2009

DSC_0001So here we are on Turdy’s first day at his new school.  I would have to say that his new school is the CUTEST school ever!  What’s not to love about the Angel program?  Great, sweet, caring teachers who help us walk down the steps:DSC_0005

One’s who help us put on our new school shoes:


One’s who take us by our hand and lead us to our classroom:DSC_0007

One’s who show us how to mark our attendance calendar:DSC_0009


One’s who show us where things go:DSC_0011


And one’s who show us how:DSC_0014

I really wanted to stay longer to just snap, snap, snap but I heard or read somewhere that they really don’t suggest that a parent stick around.  So I reluctantly left but I was filled with happiness as my son kissed me goodbye and went about his business.  I really had no doubt that he was going to do just fine until my husband said that he was nervous for him.

I arrived a little early to pick him up but I just didn’t want to be late so he wouldn’t think that I wasn’t coming!  And as I pulled up, I see my baby looking for me:DSC_0015Ok, well he’s not really looking for me there is he?  But I swear, his eyes were looking out toward the parking lot looking for his Mama!

As I got closer, I kinda got this blank stare.  But I later figured it might be because there was a crazy lady with a camera attached to her face coming toward him.  But then again, when don’t I have that camera attached to my face?DSC_0016

Hey little dude, it’s me Momma!DSC_0017

Did ya have a great first day at your new school?

Yeah!  I was lookin' fo youuu!

Yeah! I was lookin' fo youuu!

After this, I got the sweetest hug from my baby.

I really wish that I had gotten a few more pictures of all the kids sitting on the bench just a-waitin’ for thier parents to come pick them up.  Tomorrow, I’m gonna try to be there at 1115 instead of 1100 so that I might be able to see my kid sitting there patiently waiting for me!  Oh the little things, right?


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