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Last Day of School

August 28, 2009

There comes a time in one’s life when you have to make a transition.  Turdy has been through quite a few of them in his 2 years and 11 months-ish of life.  I put him in a home daycare with a provider that didn’t quite turn out as we expected.  Which in turn, gave us an opportunity to have a babysitter at home for about 4 months but she decided that she would rather move with her family instead of staying here with us.  So then eventually we turned to Shima Noko daycare here on base.  My fabulous client Jenny D. gave me a gentle push in the right direction with the correct paperwork and all I needed to do was fill it out and give the center all the information they wanted.  So I did.  Two or so years later, here we are about to move on to another milestone.  The age of three brings these things:

1.  Leaving Shima Noko.  We would have eventually moved on to another on-base daycare because Shima does not have preschool aged kids.  This option would have been perfectly fine but I have been wanting to take this next step since Turdy was 2!

2.  Starting next Tuesday, Turdy starts the Angel program at Koza Seibo Yuchien.  It is a wonderful little Catholic school that is Montessori based.   I never knew what Montessori meant until I was 23 years old!  I was working in Fargo when Paul was doing his 1 year remote in Korea.  I happened to get a client that had her kids in the Montessori school directily behind the salon I was working in.  She explained to me that basically the older children teach the younger children in each subject.  So for example, her 5th grader was essentially teaching her 3rd grader with spelling, math and all of those wonderful subjects.  Interesting huh?  It might be a little less complex at daycare though.  I imagine the older children in his classroom showing the younger kids what to do at certain times of thier day.  And just like kids do, the little one’s will just follow suit.

3.  Eventually, we will have to leave my beloved Okinawa.  They’re giving us the boot as of March and they tell me there’s no way we can stay 😦  So I will be kicking and screaming come PCS time for me.  But know this Okinawa!  I will be back!  As for Turdy and our move, I have no idea what’s gonna go through his little brain.  But I do know this:  He is so smart!  He is resilient.  So much more than me.  The transition from daycare to daycare will be a piece of cake for him.  Our PCS will be another slice of the pie.  At this point, his pie/cake is about half gone.  Should I just bake him another so our pan is always full?

4.  And let’s not forget!  My baby is no longer a BABY!  He’s a boy who understands every single thing he does.  He understand everything he hears.  He understand everything he says.  He just understands everything!  To me, this means he is a little person.  Not the baby that I once held in a bundle.  Not the baby that didn’t need to understand anything but our touch.  (And well, his bottle!)  Sniff, sniff.

With that, I leave you with this:  Turd-Boy’s last morning drop-off at Shima Noko daycare.storyboard1storyboard2storyboard3
Next to come, Turdy says goodbye to Shima Noko!


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