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The Splash Show

July 18, 2009

As we entered into Disney Sea, I am truly amazed at the architecture.  By no means am I a structural study but when I see amazing buildings, I can appreciate them.  I stood back at one point and got this:

DSC_0183Can you imagine staying in one of those hotel rooms?  Something tells me that I can’t afford one of those.

Then we hear over the loudspeaker that there is a show about to begin so we wait around for it.  We really had no idea what to expect of the show but maybe I should have run away when I saw two Disney workers break open the water pipes.  I was just so elated to be standing inside this place!  Just seeing the amazement in Turdy’s face made it all worth it!

The show begins and we see Mickey!

DSC_0202Apparently, Mickey speaks fluent Japanese…He may have said something like, “Get ready folks!  Get your rain coats on and your plastic bags over your very expensive cameras because you all are in for a very wet show!  We’re going to literally throw water on your unsuspecting butts and we all on these here boats are going  to laugh our hineys off!”

Here comes Goofy!


After taking a few pictures, I realize I am missing something!  Turdy’s reaction:DSC_0207DSC_0208DSC_0209

And then I turn to see these two naughty little chipmunks!  My big brother might have liked to see these two!DSC_0213

Have no clue who these guys are but it was kind of a neat picture of the water in the air:DSC_0216

Then the water started to fly!  I mean, people were getting showered and I don’t think they intended on showering with thier clothes on, but right about now is when I realize why all the people in front of us had put on thier rain coats.  I…am…a…little….slow.DSC_0222Probably shouldn’t have done that…

Here comes that silly ‘ol Mickey!!!  Stinkin’ Mickey’s gonna spray us!DSC_0226DSC_0237DSC_0238Watch out Mickey!  I am not afraid to kick you in your pants!

I turn around again and find that my baby has suffered from the wrath of Mickey:DSC_0242And so did baby E:DSC_0255

But Turdy shook it off and enjoyed the rest of the show:DSC_0257

Then the this little chick decided to get in on the action:DSC_0258DSC_0259DSC_0261DSC_0262DSC_0265DSC_0270Daddy got wet and Turdy wiped him dry:DSC_0271Sweet boy:)

These 2 don’t look one bit dry:DSC_0272Believe it or not, they went back the next day for more!DSC_02745 minutes later…she was completely dry.

I have words for this girl.  She was the one with the hose before.  That smile ain’t gonna help you when I pummel your cute little butt for spraying me and my camera!DSC_0277

Here we have left the area where you apparently get soaked when you watch the Splash Show.  Wow!  Look at all the people!DSC_0291And imagine if this were a panoramic camera…Here is the panoramic view:DSC_0292DSC_0293DSC_0294

Eventually we walked a little further into the park and we found vendors that were selling Mickey and Minnie ears and some of you may have already seen these ears:DSC_0310

Then we found the Under the Sea Palace!DSC_0311DSC_0355We immediately hop on…DSC_0331DSC_0334Look!  We’re having a wonderful time!DSC_0358Orrrr not:DSC_0361DSC_0365This one makes me giggle every time!  I am a mean momma.

We finally made it inside and here is probably the only picture you will see of me with Turdy…Had to show you guys my ears!DSC_0408Jealous much?!

Cutest kids Under the Sea that day:DSC_0410DSC_0413DSC_0414This one is Yummy…too bad she doesn’t feel the same way about me.

Here’s Turdy anxiously awaiting for the ride to begin and then the inevitible happens:DSC_0417DSC_0419DSC_0420DSC_0422DSC_0423DSC_0424You could see it coming, right?

I will save the rest of the Under the Sea Palace for tomorrow.  It’s already a long post and it’s late…I must get to the bed.

Until next time people.  More adventures of the National Lampoon’s Borud Disney Vacation coming soon!

  1. Lisa permalink
    July 20, 2009 15:08

    Thanks for sharing your advenure. I am enjoying it along with you. Now I want to go! Keep posting and I’ll keep looking!

  2. July 19, 2009 08:50

    Awesome pictures! I tried to get some good ones inside the undersea area. I got a few good ones, but by the time we got out it was dark outside, so al my pictures are dark. I did get a great one of the haunted mansion or tower of terror or whatever, in the dark. I will have t send it to you! pretty col!

    • okistephie permalink*
      July 19, 2009 09:19

      yeah! Send it to me! I have one that turned out of the Tower of Terror. It’s pretty eerie. But a little shaky since it was dark and I need a camera with more ISO to take dark pictures. When did you guys go to Disney?

      Stephanie Borud

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