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Disney Sea

July 17, 2009

DSC_0081These are the kiddos that are busting at the seams to see thier favorite characters at Tokyo Disney!  As you can see, we’re still working on the Peace sign.

We took the subway right to Disney.  I mean literally, the train took us right to the main gate to enter the place!  A relatively short ride.

Here we are waiting on one of the trains and I’ve seen pictures of things like this in magazines so I had to get one of my own:


And the neverending boxcars:


We knew we were getting close when we saw this:

DSC_0095It’s not a part of Disney, but fun in any case.  The kids were excited to see it!

DSC_0097DSC_0095Definitely much bigger than the one here in Oki.

Here are the kids checkin’ it out:


And Da da da da dahhhhh!  We have arrived at Disney!

DSC_0107It’s just a hotel but magical anyway!

DSC_0110We found Ariel!DSC_0112

DSC_0118We found Stitch!DSC_0119Okay, vacation is done!  We found what we were looking for!

Fortunately, I was just kidding but honestly for Turdy he may have had a torrential meltdown if we didn’t see Stitch that day.  He was so happy to see just a picture of the guy!  He said, “Gasp!” (Well, not ‘Gasp’ but he took a deep breath in and said, “Who’s tha-at?!  That’s my Stitchy!”  So fun!

DSC_0120Here’s the Disney Monorail that we took over to the Disney Sea side:DSC_0122

DSC_0126Not sure what’s going on here, must be a great conversation though!DSC_0127DSC_0128DSC_0131DSC_0132DSC_0133DSC_0134DSC_0135ChooChoo!!!!DSC_0139Wow!!!

DSC_0140DSC_0143Here’s Turdy again with his camera.DSC_0148DSC_0149DSC_0150DSC_0153DSC_0154

And we haven’t even entered Disney yet!  But guess what we found when we finally did enter?DSC_0158DSC_0157

And M found Marie Cat:DSC_0160

Crazy what a balloon will do to a person!DSC_0159

Ok folks, that’s it for this post.  Like I said, it’s just the beginning.  Next up, the rest of the day!

  1. July 17, 2009 12:14

    Don’t you love that cool globe!?! I love that it makes the water look so real. Of course no one can see that from a picture! But I loved it!

  2. Browns permalink
    July 17, 2009 10:59

    Love Turdy with the camera pictures!

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