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The Beginning

July 16, 2009

Let me begin with our flight out of Naha.  It was uneventful yet we all were very excited to finally get to Tokyo!  We had landed at the Haneda Airport where we had to take a shuttle bus from the tarmac to the terminal.  There was a very nice lady who tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that the baby could sit next to her on the bench.  This is the look he shot her:

DSC_0043He looks like she’s about to touch him with an infectious disease!

Then we hop on a bus to get to the New Sanno hotel and this is the scene from that:


As soon as we got to the hotel, Paul was to meet up with our friend Rob to climb Mt. Fuji.  Here he is getting his gear on:

DSC_0048Little does he know that he won’t be smiling so brightly after the climb.

So Paul and Rob head to Shinjuku to catch a bus to the 5th Station so they begin thier Fuji Journey.  While they are going to do that, Rob’s wife Kim and thier 2 daughters and Turdy and I head to a great Mexican restaurant for our first vacation dinner.

DSC_0049It’s call La Jolla and oh yes did I hollaaaa!  It’s was yummy!

DSC_0051We gave Turdy a camera that Paul had won at bingo while he was in the desert.  We will show you Turdy’s view of Tokyo a little later!

DSC_0052Turdy had a chicken quesadilla…

DSC_0053And I had an enchilada.  Sorry Mike’s Tex Mex, La Jolla was better!

DSC_0054I asked the toddlers to shoot me the peace sign and M had to help Turdy.  He’s pretty new at it.  He says, “M, can you help me?!”

DSC_0056Uhhhhhh, what the?!

On the way back to the hotel after dinner I saw this:

DSC_0057Now that’s a lot of bicycles!

DSC_0058And one more shot at the Peace sign but we gave up and moved on.

That’s just the beginning folks!  Our first night in Tokyo.

Next to come, our Disney Sea adventure!

  1. July 17, 2009 09:04

    I love that bus shot! Did you bring any of that mexican back with you? I want some more!

  2. Dana permalink
    July 17, 2009 03:44

    I love the peace signs! That boy is so adorable.

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