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Big Boy

July 8, 2009


Ok, Ok!  It was a holiday weekend and we had the camera with us everywhere we went!  Remember me mentioning the we saw the Lt. Dan Band?  Well, these pictures were taken during the concert.  Turdy was pretty tired that night.  It had rained all stinkin’ day but the sky opened up long enough for the show to go on.

I named this post “Big Boy” because when I was going through these pictures to choose which ones I would write about, I realized that my baby is no longer a BABY.  (Although, when I shop online @ Old Navy his size is in the “baby boy” tab.)  Makes me feel a little better.

Do you remember this little guy?


Sometimes I would like to shrink him back to this little baby.  But then I think about all the stages we’ve been through with him and I don’t think I want to do that anymore.

Right now, we are progressing with potty training.  Yes, progressing!  Dear God, I thought the day would never come!  But yes, little Dude has 1 gigantic poo and several pee-pees on the record!  Now the challenge is to make him realize that the Elmo Potty is not going to be in every public restroom and that the big toilet with the water in it is what he’ll have go doo-doo in.


Ya know, he stands next to me pretty much EVERY day.  I knew that he’d surpass me in height by the time he was 10 or 11.  But this little guy comes right up to my hip.  Some would say that my hips aren’t much of challenge to get to.  They really are only a couple feet from the floor.  But for an almost 3 yr. old, I’d say that’s pretty tall.


I’m afraid he will always have a FULL face.  Meaning, he will always have those yummy, scrumptious cheeks.  That’s alright by me.  He comes by them honestly.  The girls will go wild for them someday.  Should I even be saying things like that about my son?!


He’s so yummy when he’s tired.  He’s especially cuddly during those rare moments.


Alright, alright!  Enough reminiscing about my Big Boy.  I have to admit, he will probably be our only child.  I’m glad he turned out this way.  Ya know…Yummy, cuddly, scrumptious, delicious, blah, blah, blah.


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