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Margo With A “T”

July 1, 2009

As you know from the last post, my friend Margot was getting ready to leave the island for good.  I was very reluctant to actually let her go but she insisted that she must.  I told her that she didn’t really have to do her circuitus travel to Thailand at all and that her boys would fare just fine without her.  Her husband John is perfectly capable of taking care of those kids by himself along with the rest of his family.  But she still insisted that she go and I pouted all the way to the airport today.  I did not shed a tear.  Really!  They never fell from my eyes.  You see, I have this really great talent of sucking them right back in!  As we parted ways in the airport, we hugged each other tightly and vowed to see each other in March when the Air Force kicks us off island.  Although, there might be a slight problem with seeing them again.  You see, they’re moving to Moody AFB in Valdosta, Georgia.  Now if you’ll remember, we used to be stationed in GA just north of where they are going.  We were there for 11 months.  Eleven months too long if you ask me.  Paul swore that he’d never step foot in that state again.  Guess he lied because I think we are really going to try and spend some time with them when we roll through.

After 17 years of marriage, these 2 still flirt with each other.  They definitely bicker like they’ve been married for 17 years.  But you can totally tell that they miss each other when one of them is gone for a short time.  John isn’t complete until he has his wife back and Margot tries to pretend that she doesn’t need her man to make her feel safe but I know that’s not true!  I heart these 2!


These 2 boys heart the afore mentioned:


John was like thier “cool” dad.  Now that I think about it…this could be I and K in a few years!  Creepy!

P1010068This one looks like AnPanMan.


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