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Thank You For Being A Friend

June 30, 2009

Yet another good friend is about to leave the island.  The one thing that you just never get used to.  Having to say goodbye to a person whose personality compliments so well with mine.  I mean, who else can a girl be herself with other than somebody who is exactly like her?  There are some things that I haven’t gotten to do that Margot has, but she’s MUCH  older than me.  But that just means she’s had more life experiences than me.  I’ll get there.


We went to the Barrel again.  Margot and John love Asian kids.  That’s why there’s so many of them in the picture.


I think this one is her favorite though.

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  1. Margot permalink
    June 30, 2009 16:16

    You know you are my favirite asian chick. You have made the last 6 months here a blast. What’s up with the old crap. Look a left a comment. That means I get to win some barbeque sause.
    Steph – You are the best.

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