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Recipe Contest…Enter now!

June 17, 2009

***Time’s up, everyone!  Er, the 4 people that commented on this post!  I almost forgot to end the contest because we’ve had a scheduled power outage in our neighborhood today and I am sitting at the community center as I sit here to write what I have to say.  It’s ok that there was only 4 people to comment for this contest.  Kelley has already won a bottle of the Sauce in another contest so guess what girls?!  Lisa, Nikki and Marisa…you are the 3 lucky ladies who get to try out the Sauce!  Kindly email me at to let me know how to get the Yummy BBQ sauce to you!  Thanks girls for entering the contest and I can’t wait to try your recipes out!

It’s summer!  Yay!  It’s definitely time for some summer fun like hanging out at the beach and the pools and what I love most of all…Barbequing!  There is just something about grilled food!  It tastes better.  Then there’s the argument about gas or charcoal.  We are definitely a gas family.  We have lots of it!  Tee hee!  And it’s way more convenient than waiting for the the coals to get hot enough.

My absolute favorite food on the grill is a great hamburger!  I love a good steak every now and then but ever since Turdy, I really haven’t had much of a craving for steak.  But I got something in the mail the other day.  It was a package from Al over @ Country Bob’s.  He sent me an All Purpose sauce that can be used for anything!  You can put it on chicken, beef, pork and get this…cereal!  Exciting huh?  Well, when we got our sauce we immediately went out and bought us some good-looking steaks to try it out on and we were very impressed!

This first time that we had the sauce, we used it like A1.  We were dippin’ fools!  But this sauce works awesome as a marinade!


This stuff, for all of you waistline watchers, is completely FAT FREE, Cholesterol FREE, has only 6g of Carbs and only 25 calories per serving (1 tbsp)!  That’s good, right?!


“Turdy, stop playing with the Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce bottle!  I’ll take it away!”


Apparently, he couldn’t keep his hands off of it!  It’s that yummy!

So here’s the question.  Because you know I can’t do a contest without a question!  I’m getting into this thing called “cooking”.  Maybe it’s because I feel a bit of an obligation to my boys to make home made meals for them after a long day of work for my husband and a long day @ school for Turdy.  Maybe it’s because for the past several years, I’ve claimed to be this terrible cook and in reality I’m not all that bad.  I just would rather go out to dinner and spare myself the trouble.  Or maybe it’s because it takes time to plan out a meal and then prepare it and make it only to have the boys say to me, “It’s alright.”  Not very satisfying.  So I ask you this:  What’s your favorite meal that you make for your family?  Keep in mind that I will not be picking the winner this time.  My husband will.  He’s going to pick his favorite recipe out of the entries and I’m going to make it for him and Turdy!  So please, please!  Make it easy!  Just kidding!  But you get extra points if you make it easy!  Just kidding!  There will only be 1 entry/person as usual!  Bu-ut…listen to this!  We’re going to pick 3 winners!  I have 6 bottles of this sweet nectar from the God’s, er rather, Al @ Country Bob’s.  My husband would prefer I just keep them all to ourselves but I told Al that I would write about it and then give away some.  I’m a woman of my word!  I keep promises!  At least the one’s I remember!

Ok so, lemme recap the rules:

1.  Only one entry per person please.  Just post a comment in the “Comment” section!

2.  If you don’t comment, then you’re no fun.

3.  The winner will be chosen by my husband because I want him to be involved.

4.  Have Fun!

The contest will end Monday, June 22 @ 0700 Okinawa Time.  And I will announce the winners later that evening.  I must give the hubs time to read the recipes and pick out the easy one’s for me to make.  Just kidding!

So go forth and send me your favorite recipes!  I can’t wait to see what everyone says!  How fun!

By the way, check out for more info on his products and recipes!  You can even order the All Purpose Sauce online to give it try!  That is, if you don’t get some from me!

  1. Lisa permalink
    June 25, 2009 16:15

    Thats wonderful! Can I pick mine up on my next appt. I will make it soon. The most important thing is, did you try any? Hope you have fun eating! BTW Mcdonalds takes american money (saw your tweet).

  2. June 19, 2009 23:43

    I just recently won 2 bottles of this on another blog and it is FAB!! We have really liked it on everything “summer”–grilled veggies, veggie burgers (I’m not a beef eater), potatoes. The Big Guy LOVES it on steak as do his parents.

    No need to enter me into the contest as I already won (I’m all about sharing the Country Bob’s!), but seriously people–enter the contest. You won’t be sorry!!

  3. June 19, 2009 15:04

    Ummm, I just can’t participate in this contest, darn-it! Like you, I know I can cook and it’s not half bad, I’m just not willing to admit it. Don’t tell anyone okay, especially my husband. It’s so much better for me when someone else cooks dinner.

  4. June 19, 2009 01:50

    This is my potroast recipe:

    Take a rump roast (aka whatever roast they have available at the commissary)
    put it in the crockpot, top with 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 packet lipton onion soup (dry mix in the pouch), add carrots (onions & potatoes are optional), but be sure to add LOTS of carrots as this seems to be everyone’s favorite part. Start the crockpot on low early in the morning and by dinner time..YUMMY!!!

    * if there isn’t much fat on the roast you can add up to 1 can of water (I just use the mushroom soup can).
    This is the best roast I have ever had!!!!

    • June 19, 2009 01:51

      I forgot to say I usually make mashed potatoes to go with this! 🙂

  5. Lisa permalink
    June 18, 2009 13:27

    Baked pork chops…..brown pork chops on both sides. Place in slow cooker (crock pot). Cover with mustard and a large can of chicken noodle soup. Let cook for 6 hours or until meat falls apart. Place on mashed potatoes! Very delicious!

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