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I Feel Old

June 8, 2009

So my oldest nephew and the 1st child to make me an Auntie, graduated from High School on May 30th.  He was a pretty good kid.  I still remember the millions of diapers I changed on that kid!  I mean, if there was a kid who could mess his pants, it’s was Jeff!  Naw, just kidding!  I really just wanted to embarrass the crap outta him!  So my point is this…He has graduated from school and thus me feeling old.  I mean, it was 18 years ago that he was born and I was like 12 or 13 years old!  (Please stop where you are and put the calculator down!)  It makes me feel a little sad that he is leaving his parents’ nest and it really makes me sad to know that he’s an official adult.  I wonder how he feels about his Auntie only being a couple years older than him 🙂

So I sat down to write him a short letter to let him know that we are proud of him and stuff.  I don’t like to get too mushy in letters.  I don’t like to make people sob.  Mainly, I didn’t want to sob.  We couldn’t attend his graduation ceremony or his party which is the most important.  Tickets back to the U.S. are outrageous and I couldn’t swing it this time!  We’re actually getting ready for a move in the next 10 months and that’s what ate my ticket to Jeff’s graduation.  So thus the short note.  Here’s my newphew.  To give you an idea of what my brother, his dad, looked like 50 years ago when he graduated:



He didn’t ask for my permission to ride such fast motorcycles that his Auntie NEVER rode on with cute boys when she was 18!

So my short little note to Jeff goes something like this:

Congratulations Jeff!  You know we would have been there for your graduation but the few thousand miles between us kind of make it difficult.  We hear that you’re joining the Army Reserves…We support you in whatever you do!  My little nephew is an adult now…you should be worrying about girls and where you’ll be taking them on dates not learning how to shoot an M4 and dodging bullets.  But do what you must…sniff, sniff.  Here’s a little bit to do whatever you want.  (I wrote him a nice little check.)  It’s not much but it’s better than a brown paper bag full of shit!

Love,  Steph, Paul and Turdy

Blogging or not, there’s no sensor!  Still write the way I talk.  Or talk the way I write.  Either way, I am right.

By the way, these pictures look like they were taken on County Road 5 which is the road I grew up on!  And of course, the same road that Jeff grew up on too!

Sad in a way but cool because if you’re an Otto, you’ve probably lived on that road.

So off you go little grasshopper.  Go on and hop along to experience you life.


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