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Saying Goodbye or See You Later

May 30, 2009


Look at this precious face?!  How sad is he?  (sorry for the extreme close-up and poor quality..taken on my little point-and-shoot) He is about to shed a ginormous alligator teardrop for his 2 best friends, I and K.  They left this past Thursday on the 1120 flight out of Oki to stay with thier Grandpa for a few weeks until thier parents join them later this summer.  

So on Wednesday evening we joined I and K and some more friends to say goodbye.  I am not quite sure that Turdy understands that I and K are not here anymore.  We’ve explained to him that the boys are going to live in Georgia and we might not see them for a long time.  But like anything else for a 2 yr. old, he says something like, “What we do this weekend, Mommy?!”  Just completely changing the subject and moving on from the subject.  Honestly, I may have been more affected by the boys’ leaving than Turdy.  You see, they’re good boys.  They love kids!  I’ve never met any 10 and 12 yr. old BOYS that enjoy playing with a little scrub like Turdy.  So it kinda breaks my heart that they left.  

Back to Wednesday evening:  We ate all the pizza that we could stuff in our faces.  We laughed and we laughed just talking about our day.  No mention of the boys leaving the following day.  Just having a great time together.  Then they broke out the cameras!




After a few sweet pictures were taken, I decided to bring out the gifts I made for the boys.  You see, there’s a story behind thier gifts.  It all starts with our weekly American Idol parties.  We would rotate between the boys’ house, my house and another friend of ours.  And just about every time it was my turn to host, one or the other boys would snuggle up with my fleece knotted blanket.  It’s a very comfy blanket and it’s warm and our house is always a little too cool for most.  That’s why there’s alwyas a ton of throw blankets lying around my living room.  So you see, I made that fleece knotted blanket back a few years ago because I wanted to prove to myself that I could make one of my own.  Now that AI is over, I finally realized that the boys really loved to snuggle up with that blanket.  So naturally, I must make them thier own!

This is the reaction I got from K…




I think he liked it.  K named his “Foofy”.

I’m pretty sure that the same reaction was happening on the other side with I’s blanket.  


Then after a few pictures with the blankets, Turdy got a hold of the camera…again.  Remember the last time he held the camera?  Anyway, it was interesting to say the least.  This time was better.



Poor T, I and K’s friend.  Turdy got a lot of the ceiling and T’s eyes.  





This be my favorite photo of Margot.  With a little cropping, it will be perf!


Paul and I had to help Turdy out a little bit.  We kinda had to lean toward the lens.  Funny.

It was a fun night.  There’s a ton more pictures that were taken but I’m not sure they’re worth sharing.  Most of them look like the few above that Turdy took.  He wouldn’t give the camera back!  

So I hope that I and K are having fun in the States and reading every day for 30 minutes!  

Until I see you next time boys!  And when you snuggle up with your blankies, may you think of us and our AI nights!

  1. June 1, 2009 23:47

    Oh I will miss those boys! They look totally happy to have their new Foofy’s! Good job!

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