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Golfing With Boys

April 22, 2009


Last Saturday, we took our Skater Boy and his 2 Skater friends golfing for the first time.  For all of them!  Well, let me correct myself.  All three of them have done a little putt-putt golf but who hasn’t?  Golfing is a much different thing.  There’s a lot more involved!  Like walking and chasing a stupid white ball that doesn’t seem to ever go in the direction you would like it to go!  The 2 Skater friends, I and K did pretty good for thier first time out on a course.  Then there’s my Skater Boy…Well let me just go ahead a begin with exhibit A:


First off, I’d like to begin to tell you that we tried showing him the coreect way to hold his club but he insisted that this is the correct way for him.


Obviously, his method isn’t working quite as well as he’d hoped for.

dsc_0024Apparently, Dad has given up and left little dude to keep workin’ at it.

Exhibit B:


Must not leave little dude behind with Lame-O Mommy.


Guys!  Wait fo’ me!!!

dsc_0028C’mon little dude!

Exhibit C:


Celebrating his first non-win or non-hit or non-whatever he can get in this game.


This is how the game should be played.  Let’s just scoot it closer to the hole.


Yup!  I think this will work better!


Or…I could just pick the darn thing up and drop it in the hole.  

Exhibit D:


Letting Dad have a special Father/Son moment.


Little Dude trying not to get mad.  He’s trying really hard. 


We may have a successful lesson!


Nope!  Someone got frustrated and started to pitch a fit.  “Grrrrrr!”


Something very exciting must have happened.  His face is precious here.  Notice:  no more club?  He gave up after his last lesson with Daddy.


So he’s decided that throwing the ball is much more fun.  Throwing the ball at Mom is not what I had in mind though.


Yes, let’s throw the ball into the bushes.  Much better.  Maybe it will get lost and we’ll never see it again.


The end of our golf expedition:  A much nicer place to hang out.


His most favorite place to hang out.

So golfing is not quite his passion but he sure couldn’t stop talking about it for the next couple of days.  He woke up from his nap that afternoon and the first thing out of his mouth was, “I go golfing with I and K!  I had fuuuun!”

Next up on our list of things to try:  Baseball!  Not any time soon, I hope.

  1. April 23, 2009 07:55

    Great pics! He is so cute!

    • okistephie permalink*
      April 23, 2009 12:23

      Awww thanks! I think that I capture him in his cuteness. I usually never have the camera when he’s not being cute. That’s going to be my goal…I’m going to try and capture him throwing a tantrum or something!

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