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And The Winner Is……

April 20, 2009

Comment # 6, Aviva!  

Here’s what Aviva said, “I’m with Nikki – I’m such a freak about over the top that I change it at friends’ houses and at restaurants – pretty much anywhere I use the toilet. It’s OBVIOUSLY the right way since we all think so. Some freaky people out there say they DON’T CARE…argh. I will be at your house changing it around if it’s coming from underneath. So wrong.”

Yes, so wrong!  Turns out I have a lot of OCD clients!  Let me just say that I think there’s a little OCD in all of us and a little ADD too.  I don’t blame you girls for switching the toilet paper at someone else’s house!  We all have our quirks!  Next time I’m at Aviva’s house, I’m totally going to flip up a corner of her rug and see what happens.  Maybe she’ll ignore it until I’m gone or maybe she’ll have an all-0ut break down and I will have to have her committed.  That would be terrible!  But it sure would be funny for a few moments!

Just kiddin’ Aviva! 

Speaking of…I have an appointment with you for later on this week.  Your free haircut and gift card will be here waiting for you!  Congratulations!

  1. April 20, 2009 16:19

    oh my GOSH! (swoon) YAY! I never win anything 🙂 How fabulous! Thanks, Steph. And yeah, I’d either notice or trip over the carpet and make a buffoon out of myself, but hey – that’s just me. I am only OCD selectively! Big hugs, see you Thursday!

    • okistephie permalink*
      April 21, 2009 07:32

      He he he…ha ha ha…See you Thursday!

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