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Balls! Finally!

March 30, 2009


I have finally made those Balls I’ve been telling you about!  So sorry for the long wait!  But Balls take time!  They actually don’t take a lot of time, just time out of a Booger filled day.  So, without further ado…

Let’s begin with 3 simple ingredients!

dsc_0039Already looks like those 10 pounds that I recently lost have just snuck back onto my ass!

Okay, go ahead and rip open that bag of Oreos and dump them into your food processor and grind those babies until they look like bread crumbs.  They won’t magically turn into bread crumbs, they’ll still be Oreos!

dsc_0044  dsc_0053

Next, you’re going to dump the cream cheese in the processor and mix that in with the Oreo crumbs.  

dsc_0057Turn that food mixer on and watch the world become right!  The deficit will seem like something of the past and world hunger will disappear because of your Balls!  Probably not, but you can at least forget about it while you make your Balls.

Now mosy on over to your spoon drawer and pick out your favorite one and start forming your Balls.  They should be about 1.5 inches in diameter.  I’m not really sure if mine are.  I skipped that chapter in math class.  But they look alright, don’t they?

dsc_0080Throw them suckers in the freezer for about 30 minutes while you melt the chocolate to cover up those delightful Balls!

dsc_0082Notice the Skinny Cows over to the left?  I really am trying to watch the waistline!  I should also note that when I went to Curves today to get measured and weighed, I lost 2 kg!  Ummmm, hang on!  Getting the calculator out…Like 10 lbs!  

dsc_0083Get your favorite saucepan out and turn your burner on low!  I mean low!  We wouldn’t want to burn chocolate!  Seriously?  Who burns chocolate?!  Me?  Well, I never….

I should also note that I used 1.5 bags of chocolate chips and this was way too much!  Maybe just the large bag will do ya just fine.  


While the chocolate is melting slowly, take some wax paper or parchment paper like me and line another pan.  You’ll use this pan to put your Balls in once they’ve been covered with the melted yumminess.



When the chocolate is ready, it will look like this:


dsc_0095Go get your frozen Balls and prepare them for some ‘fatty dipping’.  No skinny dipping here!


My Balls were frozen to the pan so I had to use a spatuala to remove them.  ( I promise that the Balls didn’t touch the dirty edges! What the heck is that?)  I’m not perfect here!  I do my best!


I used chopsticks roll the Balls around in their chocolatey pool.


Mmmmm, they look good enough to eat!  But do yourself a favor!  Wait!  Wait until they’re frozen, because they’re just deliciouso!


As for the leftover chocolate?  I’ll figure something out.  


But for now, into a Ziploc for chopping off chunks for midnight cravings or afternoon or morning or whenever!


Throw those Balls back into the freezer to set.


Throw your leftover chocolate into the fridge for later…Tee hee!

dsc_0002Tadaaaaaaaa!  Oreo Balls!  Alligator, Alligator!  Eat ’em up!  Eat ’em up!


Oreo Balls

1 package Oreo cookies (any flavor)

1 8 ounce package of cream cheese (or light cream cheese)

10 ounces chocolate chips (your choice of dark, semi-sweet, milk, white, etc.)

Empty the bag of Oreos into a food processor and blend until fine crumbs form.  Add the package of cream cheese and blend until sompletely mixed.  Roll the mixture into balls 1.5 inces in diameter and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Melt the chocolate over low heat, stirring continuously.  When melted, dip the ball into the chocolate and then let cool on wax paper.  Serve once cool or refigerate until ready to serve.


Enjoy!  I wonder how many times I used the word ‘Balls’ in this post?  You count, let me know!  

  1. April 4, 2009 20:42

    Balls…ha ha ha

    • okistephie permalink*
      April 4, 2009 20:54

      Yer funni!!!!

  2. Browns permalink
    March 30, 2009 23:20

    That is definitely on my to do list! Top priority of course! Thanks Steph.

    • okistephie permalink*
      March 31, 2009 07:04

      The kids will love them! And so easy to make!


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