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A week of H-E-double hockey sticks!

March 27, 2009

dsc_0023Last week started off well just like any other.  Boog and I fell right into our old routine that we had while Paul was deployed.  He wondered where Daddy was and he was happy with the fact that Daddy got on an airplane and he’s going to school on that plane to learn.  The boy was a little extra cranky but I didn’t think much of it because I took it as he was upset that Dad was gone again!  By Wednesday though, I found out why he was so crabby!  I picked him up from daycare and we headed straight over to a friend’s house for our weekly American Idol get-together.  He looked extra flushed but it was a warm day and I mistook it for his usual rosiness.  We had been at my friends’ house for about an hour and then, BLLUUUUGHHH!  I had puked on me from chest to toes!  Why does it seem that when your child vomits, he must point his precious face at the Momma?!  



Ambarassed and completely mortified that my child has just puked all over thier living room floor and having to ask for some pants to go home in, my friends were completely ok with having to clean up puke that wasn’t thier own kid’s shaken stomach fluids.  She even said that we should stay and enjoy the evening anyway, but I politely declined and took my poor baby home.  He passed out in the car and when we got into the house, he continued to throw up everything that went into his tiny belly.  I’ll have you know, that all I gave him was water for the rest of the night.  But his stomach was so senisitve that whatever touched his tummy, came running right back up!  


So for the next 2 days, I tended to a sick kid and still juggled my clients.  My clients were very understanding though.  Boog didn’t even budge when there was a woman in the back chit-chatting with me.  He just layed on the floor in a tiny, pathetic pile until Friday.  Now, Friday is a whole ‘nother story!


Friday started out a much better day than the two prior.  I could tell he was much better because he asked for milk.  I was hesitant at first to give him milk, but I gave in because in my mind this was his way of telling me that he was thirsty and possibly hungry.  He kept the milk down and he kinda perked up!  Then I bathed him and took him to the commissary for some Gatorade.  As we passed the cookie isle he asked for Dora cookies.  Who wouldn’t give into some Dora cookies?  When we got home he asked for his cookies and I gave him just one.  Then he asked for more and I gave him a few more.  He kept them all in his tummy!  This was progress… until that evening.  

I was hanging out with my girlfriend’s 2 boys while she was hosting a party that I was supposed to attend but couldn’t because of a 3 ft. tall bundle of queasiness.  They’d been there an hour or so and my boy started complaining of owie.  He kept moaning and groaning saying, “Mommy!  Owie!  I hurt!”  So I call the Clinical Answering Service at the hospital, a doctor calls me back and says that he needs further evaluation.  Further evaluation?!?!  (Insert freaking out and the tears, here!  Not the boy, but me.)  I left my girlfriend’s boys and drove to the ER rather calmly, I might add.  Traffic on a Friday night on 58 isn’t really bad at all!  I parked the car, grabbed the boy and start walking to the door and Bluuuughhh! all over me a-freakin’-gain!  Then again in the waiting room, then again in the exam room!  Oh but that last time, I got diarrhea too!  I had to ask for a scrub shirt and I stripped the boy down to nothing and threw him in the sink and gave him a quick washdown.  So suffice it to say, he felt much better after the last epidsode of curdled bile and poo.  The doc sent us home with an anti-nausea med and a blankie so that he didn’t have to go home with just his pull-up on.  He slept well that night and so did I!  I was exhausted!  

The few days following the ER visit were much, much better.  Except that he was afraid to poop because he didn’t want it going everywhere again!  So with a little bit of constipation, my life is back to normal.  I have a happy child again who dances the Chicken Dance to strange Mexican tunes in a Mexican restaurant and thinks freckles on his body are owies and needs SpongeBob bangages.

Yes, back to normal.

  1. Tara permalink
    March 30, 2009 20:56

    OMG!!! Ethan went through this same episode last month. It was awful and it lasted about 7 days! I don’t wish this upon anyone!!! Glad to hear that PJ is feeling much better!

    • March 30, 2009 21:02

      7 Days?! Poor Ethan! Yeah, poor Boog threw up all night on Wednesday, all day Thursday and part of Friday. By Sunday he was good. Tired but good. Now he suffers from a finger in the door! Ouch! SpongeBob took care of it and now he’s sleeping. It was a long week with the flu though. Poor babies.

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